Does this feel like your organisation?

You’ve got some great people and products.  You deliver good services and you do so in ways that keep costs down for customers or the tax-payer. In your sector you are considered a good performer and were once considered best in class.  You have a stable organisation and many of your staff have considerable expertise and reputation within your organisation.  

But you worry. 

You are concerned that your competition is sharper than you.  You worry that your impact in the market or the community you serve is smaller than it once was.  Your organisation is good, but not ‘good enough’ to thrive in the future. 

Does your organisation think and plan for the future? 

Do you involve your stakeholders and service-users in your planning?  Do all of your people tell a story that you feel confident will achieve more, cut your costs and take you back to where you should be – best in class? Does your Board know what your future holds and are they leading change?  

Do your customers and stakeholders support you?

Every organisation has a hinterland.  The communities where you manufacture, source raw materials and trade.  The communities that you serve and the people who make key decisions – regulators, local authorities and partner organisations.  How much do these people know about you and what do you know about them?  

Do you think things need to change?  

Organisational confidence is important in the commercial sector, in a changing public sector and in the voluntary sector.  Whatever the organisational environment you work in, the need to ensure you are performing at the optimum has never been more important.  

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