A career in conservation, environmental protection, including leading policy for the RSPB and 11 years leading the busiest UK national park means that Jim has credibility in the environment sector. This is reflected in his writing, non-executive and charity trustee roles.  Now, he can help you and your business understand nature and how you can work with it.

We can bring credibility to your corporate approach to the environment, creating a coherent strategic overview, developing your programmes and policies and build confidence amongst your Board and investors, customers, staff, stakeholders, communities and regulators.

We can provide a bridge between different sectors that may potentially be in conflict or have potential for close working, creating mechanisms for conflict resolution and building great partnerships.

Our associates have expertise in landscape assessment, ecology, community relations and conservation project management.  We can help you communicate your sustainability stories and lend them weight with the public, staff, customers and stakeholders and to regulators, agencies and local, national and international government.

  • Strategic positioning with environmental and community issues
  • Working with the voluntary sector and communities
  • Working with Regulators and Public Bodies
  • Corporate Social Responsibility