We have been set up as a strategic response to the challenges and opportunities facing UK tourism.  Growth in world tourism continues and is predicted to be reflected in visitors to the UK. Tourism is the UK’s third largest service export.  In 2012, international tourist arrivals worldwide exceeded one billion for the first time and this figure is projected to exceed 1.5 billion by 2020.  Since 2010, significant progress has been made, with the launch of the Government’s tourism policy and the GREAT campaign. 

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Inbound visits to the UK rose to 32.813 million in 2013 and spending by inbound visitors was £21.012 billion.  Both these figures were records.  In 2013 the number of inbound visitors to England was 11.5% higher than in 2010 and almost 5% higher than in 2008. 

In London, the figures rose by over 14% compared with 2010 and just under 14% compared with 2008.  However, for the rest of England outside London the numbers were almost 8.5% higher than in 2010 but over 4% lower than in 2008.   The figures for Scotland showed an increase of 3.6% compared with 2010 but a decline of just under 2% compared with 2008.  In Wales the figures showed declines of almost 0.7% compared with 2010 and 17% compared with 2008.

Overseas tourists are coming.  Now is the time to refresh our offer to well-known markets like the US, Canada, Australia and the EU.  And we should make the new markets ours, attracting a share of the fast-growing China market especially.

The Difference we make:

•We are well respected, well connected and welcoming
•We have expertise in tourism and in other countryside sectors
•We enable, we respond and, when asked , we lead
•We will work with you to create the solution to your specific needs
•We take responsibility for your challenges and opportunities
•We know what world class really is and can help you to achieve it
•We are well connected to other expert advisers and will always refer to them if they can provide a better service to you than we can
•We try and understand people’s motivations – yours and your customers
•We are culturally aware