Working with our extensive network of associates, Jim Dixon will bring to your organisation 35 years of experience.  We can help you with change management and performance, stakeholder and community engagement, sustainability and environmental impact and working with decision-makers and regulators. 

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High Performing Organisations

Jim and his associates bring the whole solution to your organisation.  We have particular expertise in building great partnerships and all the specific skills you need to up performance and reputation.   

Business, Environment and Community

We will bring credibility to your corporate approach to the environment, creating a coherent strategic overview, developing your programmes and policies and building confidence amongst your stakeholders.

Strategic Planning, Vision and Growth

We are enthusiastic for growth and keen to see that it unlocks ways of improving the environment and the lives of people. We use our expertise to help solve tricky long-term problems. 

Tourism, Leisure and Visitor Economy

We know how the visitor economy works, are well connected with major agencies and we can help your business grow.  We know what decision-makers need to do to foster tourism growth. 

Countryside and Rural Policy

We work on all aspects of rural policy and understand how decisions are made in rural areas at a practical level and at the highest levels of policy-making.  

Conservation, Heritage and Nature

This is a strength for our business.  Our associates have expertise in species and habitat management, landscapes and heritage management.